About Us

Anet Sobko  Anet Sobko was born on March 29, 1990 in a small town called Demydivka, Rivne region. In 2006, she graduated from Demydivka Lyceum and entered the Taras Shevchenko Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute in Kremenets, Faculty of Arts,  majoring in Fine Arts, where she graduated with honors.

  Since 2010, Anet Sobko has been living in Portugal, where she continues to develop as an artist. 

  In 2011, Anet Sobko took a course in Portuguese national art Azulejo with the teacher Anna Duarte.   

  In 2012, the first personal exhibition of paintings by Anet Sobko was organised in Torras Novas.  

  In 2013, Carlos Margarita's small poetry collection Life in Black and White was published, with illustrations by Anet Sobko.  

  Since 2012, Anet Sobko has been holding personal and collective art exhibitions, and the artist also participates in live plein airs and art fairs in Portugal. 

Cities of art exhibitions by Anet Sobko: 
Torres Novas  (Portugal)
Riachos (Portugal)
Entroncamento  (Portugal)
Abrantes  (Portugal)
Caldas da Rainha  (Portugal) ART SHOW
Figueira de Fiz  (Portugal)
Coimbra  (Portugal)
Almeirim  (Portugal)
Leria  (Portugal) LERIARTES
Setubál  (Portugal)
Foz de Orelha  (Portugal)
Montijo  (Portugal)
Kremenets (Ukraine)
Quinta dos Pinheiros  (Portugal)

  Anet Sobko's works are in private collections not only in Portugal but also abroad: Spain, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. 

  Anet Sobko works with various artistic materials, but prefers graphics, believing that it is in graphic works that she can perfectly express her Self! With the help of a dot, line and stroke - to convey your worldview! 

  Anet Sobko believes that ART IS MAGIC that can influence the minds and lives of people, and this, in turn, should change the world and show its best side!!!